Future Programme

After the lengthy layoff occasioned by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and its on-going after-effects during 2020 and 2021, the Society decided to hold a Spring Meeting on Monday 16th May 2022.  A report on that meeting may be found here.

After the meeting, which was attended by some 20 stalwart previously paid-up members (all memberships having lapsed during 2020 and 2021), The Vice-Chair, John Talbot, said that with the anticipated resignations of Mary Thompson as Chair and Sue French as Treasurer, the Society would need to appoint a new Chair and Committee.  

While he was prepared to serve as Chair and Julie McDonnell was also prepared to continue as Secretary, there would be a need for a Treasurer and at least one other Committee member to handle the booking of speakers and venues as well as the arrangement of visits/outings.  He invited all those present and other former members to publicise and canvas interest in the Society among their friends and neighbours with a view to holding an AGM later in the summer to formalise the appointment of a new Committee and initiate a future programme of activities.  Failing that, it would appear that the Society would have to wind up.

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