Listed here are links to other web-sites which may be of interest to SCLHS members and others interested in local history in and around this area of Oxfordshire (formerly Berkshire):

Oxfordshire Local History Association

Berkshire Local History Association

Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society

Didcot and District Archaeological and Historical Society

The Wallingford Historical & Archaeological Society

Bygone Wallingford Archive *NEW*

Culham Station and Old Ticket Office

History of Benson, Oxfordshire *NEW*

British Association for Local History

Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council/History *NEW*

Other contacts

The Oxfordshire Local History Association publishes a fuller list of web-sites and contact details for a wide variety of other local history groups.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Oxfordshire History Centre also provides access to its repository of material and information pertaining to the history of the county.

Family research resources

For those specifically interested in family history, there are a number of well-known websites offering free and paid for research facilities, including:




Family History Federation

Ourpublicrecords - this last has recently added a new free resource with advice on how to interview elderly relatives for genealogical research*NEW*

as well as the various UK national archives/records offices, etc.

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