Courtenay Lodge School 1905-1932

Presentation by Clare Simpson 26th January 2016

A private school for boys, which attracted many of its pupils from abroad as it could offer an all year round education.    In its first years it mainly prepared boys for the Army, but after the First World War it concentrated more on getting pupils into Oxford and Cambridge.  

The school was run by Captain Thomas Waterlow Fox and his wife.  They gradually bought several of the cottages in Church Street, to use as dormitories, the Norman Hall in 1920, and 30 acres of land at the back to use as playing fields. They played sport against several of the Oxford Colleges and regularly won matches.

A comment from the school magazine: “There was created amongst us the spirit of self-denial to undergo hard and incessant training, which brought us out on cold mornings in the winter to practise particular movements until we got them absolutely right, and the spirit of resolution and fearlessness which enabled us very frequently to beat teams vastly superior to ourselves in weight and experience.”

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