Forthcoming Meetings

Dates for your Diary

Please note the following dates in your diary for meetings in 2019:

Tuesday 26th March 2019 - Talk - SC Village Hall 7.30 pm

Tuesday 14th May 2019 - Annual General Meeting - SC Village Hall 7.30 pm

Thursday 20th June 2019 - Talk - SC Village Hall 7.30 pm

Meeting 26th March 2019

Talk by Katherine Bradley

“Early Women Professional Gardeners”

Among the subjects of Katherine Bradley’s talk will be Norah Lindsay, a socialite garden designer who lived in Sutton Courtenay Manor and, between the World wars, became a major influence on garden design and planting in the United Kingdom and on the Continent.

About the Speaker

Katherine Bradley gives talks on a variety of subjects, usually connected with women’s history.

Venue : SC Village Hall

Date/Time : Tuesday 26th March 2019  7.30 pm

All welcome : SCLHS members free; Visitors £3.00

AGM & Open Forum 14th May 2019

The Society’s Annual General meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th May 2019 at 7.30 pm in SC Village Hall.

The AGM will be followed by an open forum for members to share pictures and reminiscences of life in Sutton Courtenay.

Meeting 20th June 2019

Talk by Lesley Best

House of Wessex project

The House of Wessex project based at the Sylva Wood Centre at Long Wittenham is making good progress with the aid of a Heritage Lottery grant. People with expert knowledge of Anglo-Saxon history are involved with the project.

In 2016 the site of an Anglo-Saxon building was discovered at Long Wittenham and the aim is to reconstruct the building using authentic materials that were used at the time.  Sources for these have been found and construction is due to start from June onwards. The building will be a valuable educational source for schools and the public. Educational activities and courses will take place in a recently completed wooden building, with a car park nearby.

Archaeologists recognize the importance of the Saxon settlements between Sutton Courtenay and Dorchester. A Kingdom of Wessex Trail is planned to follow a route linking them. The Trail will be launched on 11th May when the Wulfheodenas (an Anglo-Saxon re-enactment group) will lead a walk from Dorchester to Long Wittenham. 

The museum in Dorchester will hold an Anglo-Saxon exhibition. A public open weekend will be held at Long Wittenham on 6/7 July. 

The reconstruction of the Anglo-Saxon building should be completed by the end of September when there will be another open weekend for the public.

About the Speaker

Lesley Best is the House of Wessex Project Manager. 

Venue : SC Village Hall

Date/Time : Thursday 20th June 2019  7.30 pm

NB This is an additional meeting arranged to coincide with the inauguration of the Kingdom of Wessex Trail and the associated open weekend at Long Wittenham on 6/7 July 2019.

All welcome : SCLHS members free; Visitors £3.00

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